Monthly Archives: November 2018

The Need & the Folly of Bitcoin as Payment Method

Only Cash Makes Happy. Or Does It? Photo: Jonathan Saavedra (Unsplash) Will Bitcoin prevail as a means of payment and in which areas? Let’s first look at what Bitcoin sets out to replace: Credit cards. The process of paying by credit card for online purchases is more complicated than customers usually think. The procedure is the…

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The Amazing Story of Cryptocurrencies Before Bitcoin

The fabric of digital dreams: Gold. Photo by Color Crescent on Unsplash What — you exclaim with disbelief. Cryptocurrencies before Bitcoin? Yes, indeed. Don’t get me wrong, Bitcoin was the first blockchain-based currency. But by far not the first purely digital money. That one has a colorful history of dreams, prosecution and failure. The misfits of cryptocurrencies delivered…

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