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Blockchain application land register: Georgia and Sweden leading

Georgia is the first country to convert its land register to Blockchain. Sweden has also successfully completed its first pilot. How does land register work on Blockchain? Georgia is a young democracy with a mortgage on geopolitical insecurity from its aggressive neighbor Russia and a history of state corruption. One of the starting points for…

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The Story of Maidan: Part 6— A song called Revolution Ukraine

Artisto sings Revolution Ukraine on Maidan stage in December 2013 Now we look at the arrival of Artisto, rapper of the unofficial Maidan anthem Revolution Ukraine while in the previous chapter 5 — EuroMaidan ist born we have seen how it all started. “Revolution Ukraine” goes Kyiv 29 year old Rostyslav Hrytak has waited for this moment for a…

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The Story of Maidan: Part 5 — EuroMaidan is born

Maidan in December 2013 Now we take a look on how the EuroMaidan movement started with a call by a journalist after Yanukovych denied signing the Associate Agreement. In the previous Chapter 4 — Match in a tinderbox — the Associative Agreement, we have seen what kind of a deal president Yanukovich didn’t want to sign. It all startes on…

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