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The Story of Maidan: Part 5 — EuroMaidan is born

Maidan in December 2013 Now we take a look on how the EuroMaidan movement started with a call by a journalist after Yanukovych denied signing the Associate Agreement. In the previous Chapter 4 — Match in a tinderbox — the Associative Agreement, we have seen what kind of a deal president Yanukovich didn’t want to sign. It all startes on…

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The Story of Maidan: Part 3 — Repeating History and a dictator on the rise

President Victor Yanukovich in a satirical drawing shown on Maidan in February 2014 In this chapter we look at how Ukraine repeated it’s mistakes twice with the Orange Revolution and Maidan and see, how Yanukovich rose from small scale criminal to large scale criminal. If you have missed chapter 2 — Paths to Revolution, click here. 2004/2013: If…

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